Window Tinting Training Courses

Not a lot of people know we also offer Window Tinting training courses, well we do!

Usually training courses in our field consist of 2 days, cost an absolute fortune, getting taught by a 'classroom tinter' and you pretty much leave at the end of it with a box of window film, a full note pad and NOT A CLUE HOW TO TINT :)

How do we know know this....because we have all been there, bought the Tshirt and wasted our money many many years ago.

Our Training course is led by our Head Tinter and director Michael Brand.

Michael will be the first to admit that conventional training methods and stereotypical teaching patterns have never seemed to work with his learning process.


Michael has often thought when eventually grasping something which had been taught to him "Well why didn't you just say it like this" or "why did you not tell me about that?"

Because of this Michael had learned how to tint in a traditional sense and then adapting it in a way that he thinks is not only the easier way to do things but also the most effective. And what can't speak can't lie.  Here at Tinted. not only do we provide the majority of Car Dealerships with window tinting to their sales vehicles but we have also got a 99% customer satisfaction record.

Why you ask? Simply because we know how to get it right first time!

Usually our training course consists of 2 days although if by the end of the second day you are still not completely confident you are more than welcome to come back for a third.

Like with all of our customers we will not be happy until you are happy.

On day 1 you will first have a casual theory. This will break you in gently, teach you the do's and don'ts and talk about the different types of cars and methods which are used and why.

After that you will be taught glass preparation and the stripping down of vehicles.

To end day 1 you will get to know the tint, procedures and shadow Michael - assisting him with tint jobs which have come in on the day.

On day 2 you will get straight to it!

You will TINT YOUR OWN CAR with Michael assisting you, talking you through the job as you go and teaching you little tricks along the way.

No other cars will be booked in day 2 ..all focus will be on your car.

You will learn how to heatshrink Rear windows, accurately cut patterns, strip the car where necessary, clean the glass to standard, taught how to handle the film and squeegee out without leftover water or bubbles, treat light contamination and rebuild the car.

What's more, upon leaving you will be given Michael's Phone number for outside assistance meaning when you are on your own job and having trouble...advice is only a phone call away!

At the end of the course you will be given a Window tinting knife, hard card, and squeegee.

The price of this course is extremely competitive but because we do not want our competition to know how much we charge please leave us an email or give us a call to book in your course now!

Online Video Course
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